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Present Giving as an Opportunity to Care for our Earth

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

In this season of holidays, present buying and giving is foremost in the minds of many people. For a some of those people, gift giving is an opportunity to buy often costly and sometimes unnecessary and unwanted items in our consumer driven society. But frequently, the most thoughtful and earth friendly gifts are the ones that people appreciate the most. Gifts that keep the receiver’s interests in mind are the most meaningful. Consider making this and future holiday seasons and present giving opportunities an opportunity to care for our earth. Below are a list of ways to make the end of this year more earth healthy.

Experiences: take a child or grandparent on a trip or to see a special show

Consumables: give some special edible treats

Local: even better, put together a basket of items from the local farmer’s market

Used: reduce the carbon footprint of buying new items by purchasing them used

Make it: make a special treat, piece of art, or something else the gift recipient would enjoy

Repurpose: make something new out of something old-like a quilted wall hanging from special clothing the person receiving the gift used to wear

Share: give some homemade jam, outgrown clothing, or veggies from your garden

Grow it: use the cuttings from your garden or a friend’s garden to grow a potted plant

Offer a service: offer to clean a parent’s car, walk a neighbor’s dog, or cook your friend a meal

Repair: google youtube to help you repair your friend’s beloved but broken appliance or take it to someone who could fix it

Swap/barter: trade a good or service with a friend or family member instead of purchasing something-something old to you will be new to someone else

Give money: instead of giving a child cash, open an education or retirement fund for them; donate to a favorite charity

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