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For Moving Out 
And Moving In


Have things you want to get rid of? 

Here is a list of local places that accept household donations:

Yolo County SPCA thrift: (530) 758-0544
Goodwill: (530) 564-4474
Boheme: (530) 341-2004
All Things Right & Relevant: (530) 759-9648
The Big Blue Barn: (530) 405-9454

We at Community Mercantile encourage folks to donate their usable, unwanted items to these or similar places. Or, use social media to find someone who would like to have your things either for free or a small price. 

With limited space in our store we cannot accomodate drop offs though we can, within some limitations, arrange for pick ups. Please note we can only pick up from an easily accessible ground level area. 


If you want to be considered for pick up, please complete the form below.


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Thanks! We will get back to you soon!

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Coming soon.....Lists of things you will want for your kitchen and apartment. 

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