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Shop Sustainably |  Reduce Waste  |  Save Money

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Our Environmental Mission
To assist our community in reducing the environmental impact of consumer culture and unnecessary waste through innovative, replicable solutions

in an equitable, sustainable manner.


Salvage, Re-home and Sell Merchandise

Community Mercantile collects things people are no longer using that might otherwise go to the landfill. We either get them directly out into the community or offer them for sale in our brick and mortar location. We acquire new items daily, clean them, and offer them at rock bottom prices.
If someone uses it, we probably have it
Cash, Venmo, Zelle, and personal checks accepted. Delivery available. 


  • furniture                          

  • clothing/bedding

  • kitchenwares

  • pet supplies

  • home decor

  • games and toys

  • tools/hardware

  • CD's/records/tapes

  • office supplies

  • personal care products

  • storage containers/luggage

  • textbooks/fiction/non-fiction    

Classes- (schedule Varies)
Classes are posted on Facebook, Instagram and Nextdoor. 
Some examples include:

  • maintenance and repair         

  • upcycling

  • art and crafts


Please contact us for consultations to help you downsize in a sustainable manner. 

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